Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote SACHI Explorer – Navy

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Unleash the adventurer within and elevate your outdoor dining game with the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote. Designed for those who crave both durability and style, this lunch tote is your ticket to enjoying delicious meals amidst nature’s embrace. Say goodbye to flimsy bags and hello to a lunchtime experience that will leave you craving for more!

Make every outdoor dining experience extraordinary with the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote. Ready to withstand the wild, this lunch tote combines unbeatable durability, freshness that lasts, and a dash of style. Say yes to unforgettable meals amidst breathtaking landscapes!

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Experience the Outdoors in Style with the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote!

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, having the right gear is essential. That’s why we proudly present the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Lunch Tote – your perfect companion for outdoor adventures! This lunch tote is not only rugged and durable but also designed to keep your food fresh, allowing you to savor your meals while immersing yourself in nature.

Key Features:

1. Adventure-Ready Durability: The SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Lunch Tote is built to withstand the demands of outdoor exploration. Its robust construction ensures that it can endure any rugged terrain, making it an ideal choice for camping, hiking, picnics, and more. Say goodbye to flimsy lunch bags that let you down when you need them the most!

2. Fuel Your Adventures: With its generous capacity, the SACHI Explorer Lunch Tote provides ample space to pack nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages for your outdoor escapades. From energy-packed lunches to refreshing drinks, this lunch tote has room for it all. Fuel up and stay energized throughout your outdoor activities!

3. Outdoor-Optimized Thermal Insulation: Keep your food at the optimal temperature with the SACHI Explorer’s top-notch thermal insulation. The high-quality lining preserves the hot or cold temperatures of your meals, ensuring that they stay delicious and enjoyable even during extended outdoor excursions. Enjoy a warm soup on a chilly hike or relish a refreshing salad on a scorching summer day!

4. Hassle-Free Convenience: We understand that ease of use is crucial when you’re outdoors. The SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote features a wide-opening for effortless packing and unpacking, allowing you to quickly access your food. The sturdy buckle handle provides comfortable carrying options, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor adventures without any hassle.

5. Adventure Meets Style: The SACHI Explorer Lunch Tote combines functionality with fashion. With its sleek design and a variety of attractive colors to choose from, this lunch tote complements your outdoor gear while adding a touch of style to your adventures. Stand out on the trails or at the campsite with this eye-catching accessory.

Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience with the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote!

Embrace the joy of outdoor dining with the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote – the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip, going for a scenic hike, or enjoying a picnic in the park, this lunch tote ensures that your meals are well-protected and readily accessible, allowing you to savor every bite amidst nature’s beauty.

Invest in the SACHI Explorer Heavy Duty Outdoor Lunch Tote today and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence, convenience, and style. Order now and elevate your outdoor dining experience to new heights!

SACHI Navy Explorer Lunch tote with Buckle Handle and XL Front Zipper Pocket

Rugged and Functional

The SACHI Explorer heavy-duty lunch box comes in multiple colors with crinkle nylon fabric making this tote the perfect companion for the outdoors.

Sized to Fit Most Bento Boxes and Meal Prep Containers

The SACHI Explorer outdoor lunch tote fits a lot. With a convenient name tag inside, an inner mesh pocket, and an expanded XL front pocket this bag will fit your extra snacks, phone, and small book.

Buckle Handle

The buckle handle makes it a breeze to carry this heavy-duty lunch box. Just clip it onto your backpack to free up your hands to explore our amazing

Food Safe and BPA Free

100% EVA thermal insulation helps to retain cold and warmth for hours. Use an ice pack for cold lunches and with insulated containers for warm soups, chilis, or leftovers.

Room for Snacks, Lunch, and More…

The SACHI Explorer outdoor lunch tote will help keep you fueled all day. Outside features a beverage pocket and an expanded XL front zipper pocket for gear, a book, or your phone. Inside features a main compartment and mesh pocket for utensils or extra snacks. Each bag also features a nameplate.

Hands-Free Carrying

The handle of each SACHI Explorer outdoor lunch tote features a buckle to make it easy to attach your heavy-duty lunch box to a backpack, etc. for hands-free carrying and travel.

KEEP exploring WELL

High-end fashion handbags inspire SACHI bags. We understand that style CAN be functional. All of our bags feature chic quality fabrics, solid metal details in a variety of finishes, and thick premium 100% EVA thermal insulation. SACHI means Happiness which we believe is regularly found in the small moments we spend with ourselves and with friends or family.

The SACHI Explorer lunch tote is great for kids, school, college, work, hiking, camping, outdoor sports, and more. Enjoy life, laughter, and friendship with a quality product tailor-made for real life. From Market totes to heavy-duty lunch boxes, and wine purses SACHI has you covered.

The Explorer Lunch Bag is a perfect companion for any of these outdoor adventures! Take your Explorer on the road for snacks while you visit one of these 10 Camping destinations.

Size: About 10.6″ x 7.5″ x 4.5″ (L x W x H),
Made with Premium High-Quality Materials.

100% Polyester Shell
Trim – Man-Made Materials
Insulation Material 100% EVA

Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth
Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach
Do Not Machine Wash

Weight 11.36 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.6 × 4.5 in

Coffee, Khaki, Navy, Olive, Purple, Red, Black

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