Insulated Market Tote Set 3-Piece Set of Foldable Bags – Leopard

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  • Product Features

    • Coordinating Organization
    • Keeps Cold with Ice Pack for Up to 3 Hrs
    • Easily Stores in Your Glovebox, Trunk, Purse, or Backpack
    • Perfect for Errands, Shopping, Groceries, Sports Practice, Food Delivery, and Farmer’s Markets
    • Premium Thermal Insulation
    • Easy Clean – Just Wipe With a Damp Cloth
    • Set of 3 – Keep Them All or Give as Gifts
    • Unfolded, Measures 14-1/2″H x 16″W x 5-1/2″D
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Embrace Sustainability with the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Reusable Bag Set: Your Stylish Companion for Eco-Friendly Shopping!

Introduction: Welcome to a world of conscious shopping with the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and embrace a more sustainable way of shopping. This versatile and fashionable tote set is designed to make your shopping trips convenient, stylish, and eco-friendly. Join the movement toward a greener future as we delve into the exceptional features and benefits of the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Reusable Bag Set.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Made Easy In today’s world, it’s crucial to adopt sustainable practices, and the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set is your perfect ally in this mission. By opting for these reusable bags, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and minimizing your carbon footprint. These totes are crafted with durable and eco-friendly materials, providing you with a long-lasting shopping solution that helps protect our planet for generations to come.

Versatility and Practicality Combined The SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set offers remarkable versatility to meet your various shopping needs. These totes feature a spacious main compartment, sturdy handles, and reinforced stitching to ensure your items are secure and well-supported during transportation.

Convenient and Compact Design Convenience is at the core of the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set. When not in use, these reusable bags can be easily folded into a compact size, allowing for hassle-free storage in your car, backpack, or purse. With their lightweight design, you’ll always have a reusable bag on hand, ready for impromptu shopping trips or visits to the local farmers’ market. Ditch the bulky plastic bags and embrace the portability of these foldable totes.

Fashionable and On-Trend Who said reusable bags can’t be stylish?

The SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set is designed with fashion in mind. With its contemporary patterns, vibrant colors, and chic aesthetics, these totes let you express your personal style while making a positive impact on the environment. Stand out from the crowd and be a trendsetter, inspiring others to choose reusable bag options with their eye-catching designs.

Durability that Lasts Investing in high-quality products is essential, and the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set delivers durability that stands the test of time. These totes are made from premium materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of frequent use and heavy loads. The reinforced handles and sturdy construction provide added strength and stability, making these totes your trusted shopping companions for years to come.

Beyond the Market While the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set is ideal for shopping trips, its versatility extends far beyond the market. These totes are perfect for picnics, beach outings, gym sessions, traveling, and more. Their spacious interiors allow you to carry your essentials, whether it’s a towel and sunscreen for a day at the beach or gym clothes and water bottles for a workout session. Embrace the multifunctionality of these totes and enjoy their convenience in various aspects of your life.

The SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set is more than just a set of reusable bags – it’s a lifestyle choice. By choosing this eco-friendly option, you actively contribute to reducing plastic waste and making a positive impact on our planet. Embrace sustainability, convenience, and style as you embark on your shopping journeys. Make a conscious decision to protect the environment while enjoying the practicality and fashion-forward designs of the SACHI 3-Piece Foldable Market Tote Set. Order yours today and be part of the movement towards a greener future!

Size: Unfolded, Measures 14-1/2″H x 16″W x 5-1/2″D with 11″ handles; Folded, Measures 3-1/2″H x 2″W x 8-1/2″L
Made with Premium High-Quality Materials.

Versatile and Multi-use.

100% Polyester Shell
Insulation Material 100% EVA

Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth
Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach
Do Not Machine Wash

Weight 14.61 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 16 × 14.5 in

Grey Feather Stripes, Green Tropical Leaf, Blue Denim Stripes, Purple Carrot, Brown Damask Paisley, Marble Sunset, Grey Yellow Paisley, Radish and Beets, Bloom, Leopard, Sugar Skull

  1. Frank

    Super deal we got a lot more than expected
    They are great even better than expected

  2. Diane

    Great buy
    Nice bags that hold a lot

  3. Jennifer

    I love my Sachi totes
    I had purchased some of these Sachi totes when they were a 5 pack and quickly grew to love them. The 5 pack isn’t available anymore, but these are the same totes. They’re cute and insulated and have zippers, so your groceries don’t fall out of the bags in the car.

  4. Andrew

    Great quality
    I was given a Sachi insulated bag for my birthday so I know these bags are of great quality! I love that they fold up and snap closed so they aren’t taking up a ton of space. Love the fun carrot print and the deep purple color!

  5. Jeana G.

    Large & Durable
    Great size & very durable design

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